150-hour course (Beginner level) 

This course is for students who do not have any Japanese proficiency or Japanese background.  ​You will achieve N5/N4 level Japanese after you completed this course.​

Regular class (intermediate or above level)​​  

Online 150-hour course is for beginner but we have different levels online Japanese class as well.  ​There are beginner 2 (N3 level), beginner/Intermediate (N3/N2 level)​

Daily and Survival Conversation

You will learn conversations necessary for living in Japan and conversations that you can use when traveling or going out in Japan.

JLPT・EJU Preparation

<JLPT Preparation Course> This course is for students who are studying N2 or N1.

<EJU Preparation Course> This course focuses on listening comprehension and listening-reading comprehension, which are difficult to learn on your own.