In this page, we will share as many as information about COVID-19 and student visa in Japan.

Due to the pandemic, visa application process at Japanese embassy in each country and entry process has been changed.

Even though the border was closed last year as well, about 300 students were able to enter Japan safely in last October when the border was open for international students. We are hoping that the border will open and Japan will let new students in soon.

Can I apply for student visa? 

Yes. The Immigration bureau is accepting and processing visa documents as usual. They issue COE (Certificate of Eligibility) as scheduled.

Can I go to Japan after I got my COE?   

No at this moment unfortunately. The border in Japan remain closed since January for all international students. You will need to submit your COE and passport at a Japanese embassy in your home country to get a visa for your passport, but they are not processing any new student visa at this moment. They will start processing it after Japan’s border is open for international students.  

What do I need to do after the border is open?  

You need to get couple documents from your school to process your visa at a Japanese embassy in your country. After you got your visa on your passport, book your flight to Japan. Make sure to take Covid test 72 hours before your flight and get the negative result. 14 days of quarantine is required after arrival.